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Patient-Centred Healthcare

Putting the patient at the centre of treatment is a long-appreciated goal in healthcare and it describes a model where decision-making is shared between multiple stakeholders. In the past, the needs of the physician used to be the main focus of pharmaceutical marketing, while today “the customer” comprehends: doctors, nurses, non-clinical staff, and of course…

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Post-marketing Surveillance Study, why is it important?

When manufacturing a new medical product, such as new drugs or therapies, pharmaceutical companies go through clinical trials to ensure that products are safe, effective and efficacious. Although these trials are heavily regulated processes, not all side effects of a drug can’t be anticipated making essential to monitor, identify and assess adverse events that did…

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The importance of RealWorld Data to healthcare

Medical care and biomedical research have experienced a data revolution in the past years, and RealWorld Data is deeply connected to it. Clinical trials play a critical role in reviewing the safety and efficacy of drugs and are designed to meet regulatory standards, but they often take place in highly controlled settings that may not…

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