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Listening to our customers has been vital in the development of RealWorld EDC. This philosophy has enabled us to successfully build and deliver a distinctive RealWorld EDC system for leading Pharma and CROs. Our vision for future success is centred on innovation and global outreach. Technology is changing rapidly and RealWorld EDC will continue to evolve to maintain our position at the forefront of data capture and the management of Phase IV studies. This year is a very exciting time for us as RealWorld EDC prepares to enter Asia with its first launch in Japan”


Stephen Dorman

Stephen Dorman

Managing Director

Stephen Dorman, co-founder of CTEP, started his working career in Warner Lambert and was formerly managing director of GSK in Ireland. He was a board member of the Irish Pharmaceutical Industry Association.

With over 25 years’ experience in the Pharma Industry, Stephen has an in depth understanding of the evolving opportunities and challenges facing the life science sector in the new era of reality medicine.



Tomás O’Mahoney

Operations Director

Tomás O'Mahoney, co-founder of CTEP, has over 20 years international clinical trial experience in Ireland, the UK and Japan. He was European clinical trial project manager with Marion Merrell Dow (now Sanofi-Aventis) and also worked with Boehringer Ingelheim Ltd in Ireland.

As operations director, Tomás has a thorough understanding of the operational challenges involved in each study and makes the EDC process effortless for each stakeholder


Conal Nolan

Conal Nolan

Head of Data Management

Conal Nolan has over 15 years’ experience in the information technology sector within software development/analytics, programming and database management, working with companies such as Precision Software and Lasby's.

Conal has been leading the data management process in CTEP for the past 10 years. As Head of Data Management, he interprets each customer’s protocol and translates it into a practical application within RealWorld EDC.


Stephen Kenelly

Stephen Kennelly

Head Technology Strategist

Stephen with a background in actuary and computer science has experience in highly challenging sectors. He has developed a strong reputation in the design and build of healthcare applications.

Stephen has been a key architect and designer for CTEP’s software over the past 5 years. Leading the Company’s technology strategy programme, Stephen takes the business case and ensures that RealWorld EDC continues at the forefront, by delivering a highly efficient and innovative EDC system.


David Bridges

David Bridges

Head of Quality Assurance

David has over 35 years’ experience in data management, information technology and quality assurance within the Pharma Industry. For over 15 years he held a number of managerial positions in IT system management within Pfizer Global Research and Development.

David has been a consultant for CTEP since 2007 and has in depth knowledge of global regulatory standards for systems development, data capture and management. As Head of Quality Assurance, David ensures that compliant procedures and processes are put in place to meet appropriate international regulations.

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