RealWorld EDC User Survey

RealWorld EDC’s ease-of-use over paper and other EDC applications confirmed by doctors

RealWorld EDC was deployed in Russia for CTEP’s largest observational study to date. 700 doctors across 70 cities spanning 6 time zones and 6000km used RealWorld EDC. Study highlights included:

  • No Monitoring Visits


  • Minimal Helpdesk callsless than 2% of patient visits required a helpdesk call (347 calls out of 21,000 patient visits).

7,000 patient, 700 doctor study

RealWorld EDC, Russia, study

Access to such an expansive user population who had used the application over a period of 8 months presented an excellent opportunity for CTEP to assess how RealWorld EDC was being received by users in Russia. CTEP conducted a user experience survey with doctors (700) and monitors (20), receiving 462 responses (64% response rate). Survey results are detailed below.

Learning to use the Application

On average, it took doctors 15 minutes to become comfortable with the application – i.e. to be able to move through the application with confidence.

56% of doctors estimated that it took them 10 minutes or less to become comfortable with the application, while only 9% of doctors estimated that it took them longer than 30 minutes.

Easy to use 

Doctors like the intuitive look and feel of RealWorld EDC. This means reduced training times (less than 15 minutes),

RealWorld EDC vs Paper Data Collection

82% of respondents felt that collecting data with RealWorld EDC was easier or much easier than using paper to collect patient information (Figure 1).


Figure 1. Respondents found RealWorld EDC easier to use than paper


82% of Doctors

Feel collecting data with RealWorld EDC is easier than with paper

RealWorld EDC vs Other EDC Applications

73% of respondents found that that RealWorld EDC was easier or much easier to use than other electronic data capture (EDC) applications on the market (Figure 2).


Figure 2. Respondents confirmed that RealWorld EDC is as easy to use as or easier to use than competitor applications

73% of Doctors

Feel RealWorld EDC is easier to use than other EDC

Repeat use of RealWorld EDC

92% of doctors surveyed said that they would use RealWorld EDC again. With feedback including “RealWorld EDC – an excellent system to work” and “Thank you very much to the programmers.”

92% of Doctors

Would use RealWorld EDC again

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