Benefits to Pharma

Unlike other applications, RealWorld EDC has been developed specifically for post-approval (registry, observational, Phase IV) clinical studies. This is reflected in every aspect of the RealWorld EDC solution and provides significant benefits to life science customers.

RealWorld EDC - track record proven with leading pharma companies

  • CTEP are experienced global providers of EDC for post marketing surveillance studies to top Pharma companies who have had remarkably positive experiences with RealWorld EDC. Pharma can trust RealWorldEDC will do what it is supposed to do.

RealWorld EDC- makes it easier to recruit doctors for studies

An easy switch from paper

  • RealWorld EDC's intuitive interface and reduced functionality simplifies doctor’s transition from paper. As a result doctors are motivated to make the switch when using RealWorld EDC and this will improve study timelines and reduce costs.

Ease of use saves time for doctors'

RealWorld EDC - can accommodate study design changes

  • eCRFs can be adapted to meet your study specific needs. The eCRF platform is designed to accommodate post go live updates without downtime or reconfiguration of a running system. This gives pharma some flexibility when changes are required post go-live date.

RealWorld EDC - reduces study costs

Costs to pharma are reduced by:

  • Lower help desk support
  • Minimal to no monitoring visits
  • Less training requirements for doctors.

RealWorld EDC - enables faster study turnaround

  • Shorter query cycle leads to faster results and earlier publication.

RealWorld EDC is compliant with international regulations

  • RealWorld EDC meets stringent international regulations. CTEP’s processes and SOPs have successfully undergone external audit by regulators and sponsors, and are also subject to internal, rigorous controls.

RealWorld EDC - incorporates CDISC standards with practical governance

  • One of few global providers who are CDISC certified for data export. CDISC’s CDASH/SDTM terminology can be integrated into an eCRF design.

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