Survey Results from over 460 Users in Russia

Collecting real world evidence in a local market is becoming increasingly important for a variety of reasons.  It raises product awareness with local key opinion leaders (KOLs), gathers data to support health technology assessments, satisfies safety requirements for regulators and demonstrates the value of new medicines in the market.

At CTEP, we know that to succeed with a real world study, we must minimize the demands on busy doctors.

Recently, over 460 doctors gave us feedback on using RealWorld EDC, our web-based software application that collects and tracks patient and drug data in a real world setting. 86% of doctors reported a positive overall experience. Furthermore, in a predominantly paper-based late-phase study market, doctors confirmed that they found collecting study data to be easier with RealWorld EDC compared to paper.


For doctors and nurses in late-phase studies, elimination of hurdles is key to acceptance. As confirmed by the survey results, take-up of RealWorld EDC is fast, allowing doctors to spend less time learning to use the software, and more time caring for their patients.

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